Blockchain Talk-Workshop: Introduction, use cases and hands-on workshop


Initial talk: Origin of Blockchain and Use Cases: Tokens, NFT, DAO…

The bases of the Blockchain and its origin will be explained, the Cypherpunk movement, decentralization, transparency of operations...

After that,, the following Blockchain use cases will be taught:

  • Tokens and Cryptoeconomics.
  • NFTs: Is it really a new art form??
  • Shake: Advantages and disadvantages of leaving an organization in the hands of code.
  • DeFi VS Traditional Finance.
  • Self-Sovereign Identity: Own our digital identity on the Internet.

Part Two. Workshop: Creation of a Token and deployment on the Ethereum network.

A token will be created in Solidity language using the ERC20 standard of Ethereum and OpenZeppelin. To do this, the Remix development environment will be used from the browser. After, will be taught how to create and configure the wallet (digital wallet) of Metamask to be able to transfer tokens between attendees making use of the Ethereum testnet: Rinkeby. The transparency of the Blockchain will be shown through Etherscan, where all transactions made with the token between attendees will be reflected.

Wednesday 23 from March to 12h

Where: Lab 104 school

Expected duration:
Initial talk: 45 minutes (this first part can be followed online without the need to register:

Meeting number: 2734 626 3638
Password: blockchain

Join via video system
You can also dial and enter your meeting number)

Workshop: 45 minutes (the workshop is necessarily face-to-face and determines the number of places, those registered for the workshop are also requested to attend the first part in person from 12 noon)

Maria Ruiz Molina, Computer Engineer, Computer Science specialty, former student of our School. Technical Analyst in Blockchain Technology.


As part of the Wednesday Talks program (2.5h are recognized)