Emissions and climate change: carbon footprint of people and information technologies


Climate change presents relevant risks for society and for the companies. Both the regulatory and technological frameworks are evolving to tackling this climate change.

It is estimated that at present more than 2% of global electricity consumption is linked to the internet, both data center and network consumption transmission. A significant portion of that electricity comes from fuels. Fossils.

In this webinar we will address during 90 minutes the origin of climate change, we will know the greenhouse gas emissions by sectors, products and services, focusing on some online services, and we will end with the footprint carbon on a personal level.

Participation will be recognized as part of the Talks from the Wednesday of the School of Computer Engineering and will be an activity playful-formative taught during the week of festivities of the school.

At the end of the session they will be drawn 3 sweatshirts with the emblem of the School of Computer Engineering among those attendees who have actively participated during the session by asking or answering questions.

When: Tuesday 8 March, from 17.00h to 19.00h
Where: Online, requires pre-registration
Link for pre-registration: https://bit.ly/webinar_einf