The School of Computer Engineering of the UVa in Valladolid will be the organizer of the II Olympiad of Informatics of Castilla y León


The second Informatics Olympiad of Castilla y León will take place on Saturday, 5 February, at the School of Computer Engineering of the UVa, located on the Miguel Delibes Campus in Valladolid, starting from the 10 hours, with a duration of three hours.

The contestants are summoned between the 9:00 and the 9:30. The contest will have a duration of 3 hours.

This contest will consist of a face-to-face and individual test in which participants must solve as many problems as possible in the shortest possible time using a contest platform. The correction of the programs will be done by automatically checking that, for a series of given inputs, the program gets the expected outputs. You can compete using C++, Java or Python.

In this Olympiad they participate 30 Secondary and Baccalaureate students enrolled in Centres in Castilla y León, previously registered.

In the Olympiad of Castilla y León will be delivered 4 prizes for the first three classified and the Young Promise award for the best classified of the ESO minor of 16 years that are not one of the top three finishers, thanks to the University of Valladolid, the Professional Association of Computer Engineers of Castilla y León, the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid and CreaTICs, collaborating company of the Club of Young Programmers of the UVa.

In addition, the first two classified will represent Castilla y León in the Spanish Computer Olympiad that will take place in Madrid of the 1 to the 3 April of 2022, in search of the four students who will represent Spain at the International Informatics Olympiad in August 2022 in Indonesia.

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