Runners-up of Spain in the III National CyberLeague of the Civil Guard


The UVa Hackea2 team has finished runner-up of Spain in the grand final of the III National CyberLeague organized by the Civil Guard.

This team formed by 3 current INdat students – joint program Computer Engineering + Statistics of our School:

  • Dilyana Valerieva Ivanova
  • David raised population
  • Marta Fernández Poyatos

and by 2 UVa alumni, one of them also from our School:

  • Teresa Victoria Gómez Madrid (Industrial Organization Engineer + Master's Degree in Project Management)
  • Juan Herrero Herruzo (Computer Engineer, graduated from our School last year)

The team had a great performance in the final, getting to be in first position until almost the last moment. When a question was annulled, they moved to third place and after making the defense before the jury they moved to second place., prize with which they finally rose.

The importance of Cybersecurity is beyond doubt and a fundamental part of this is Data Security. It is essential to train at the Level of Degree and Master in these material both specifically and specialized and in a transversal way, addressing different aspects in the most general training in Computer Engineering.

We are very proud of the achievements of our students and alumni.