Our School dresses up to celebrate the first OnApp Experience Fair


The First OnApp Experience Fair is an event in which different Android mobile applications will be shown (serious games and applications for business management) created within the framework of a Teaching Innovation Project of the University of Valladolid and where students of the subjects of Mobile Systems and Structure and Behavior of the Organization belonging to the Degrees of Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management collaborate, respectively.

This event will take place throughout the day 16 of December in the School of Computer Engineering of the University of Valladolid and in which, attendees will be able to move freely between the spaces enabled for their development. In the Hedy Lamarr multipurpose room different stands will be located where attendees can test the applications that are presented and inform themselves and talk directly with the creators about their possible adaptations to the market and potential functionalities to be included in the future. On the other hand, in the Hall of Degrees different conferences of multidisciplinary theme in Digital Entrepreneurship will be held, Human resources, Project Management, Idea Generation, among others.

– authorities, talks, Apps, networking, Draws, awards ceremony: innovation!

They will accompany us

  • SR. Mr. Antonio Largo. Rector Mgfco.
  • SR. Mr. Manuel neighborhood. Director of the School of Computer Engineering
  • Mrs. Mrs. María del Valle Santos. Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences

and will be speakers:

  • SR. Mr. Alfredo Corell. Vice-Rector for Teaching Innovation and Digital Transformation
  • SR. Mr. Carlos Palencia. CEO Carlo
  • SR. Mr. Victor Ortega. CEO at Five Flames Mobile / COO at Maybein
  • SR. Mr. Francisco Javier Martín Clavo. Director Territorial Castilla-León. Bank of Santander
  • SR. Mr. Ricardo Ramos Sánchez de Movellán. SmartLab Manager. Bank of Santander
  • SR. Mr. Pedro Ruiz de la Loma. Head of the Business Creation Unit of the PCUVa
  • SR. Mr. Jose Maria Lopez Rodriguez. CEO CEDERED – HR Networks Chairman. Director of the School of Good Governance (DBG)

Proud of what our students and teachers can achieve together! Delighted with the collaboration between the School of Computer Engineering and the Faculty of Economics! Computer engineering + Administration and business management: A promising future.
Don't get lost between great events.

All the details: