Hour of Code 2021


The Hour of Code returns to the EIInfUVa!

The next 1 of December, join the world's largest learning event, celebrating Computer Science, Programming, the computer engineering.

In our School we have been celebrating this event since 2014. This is a special event because participants are expected to know how to program in some language..

In this way, introductory workshops on initiation to a programming language are given, and advanced workshops in which it is about learning a framework/platform. All workshops have a marked practical orientation: “exit by scheduling your first application in…/Using… “

On this occasion we offer 7 introductory workshops to a programming language: and 3 advanced workshops. We have the collaboration of students and teachers of the School, of the Fac. of Science and the sponsorship and collaboration of NTT-Data and Unity3D Are you going to miss it?

Initiation Workshops

  • Java
  • Python
  • C# – Taught by Unity3D
  • Kotlin
  • Julia
  • R
  • Appian (low code) — taught by NTT-Data

Advanced Workshops

  • Introduction to game development with Unity3D – Taught by Unity3D
  • Native Machine Learning in Julia
  • Android mobile app development with Jetpack Compose.

In The Hour of Code 2021 of our School collaborate NTT-Data that teaches Introduction to low code development with Appian and Unity3D that teaches Introduction to C# and the advanced workshop 'Introduction to video game development with Unity3D’

For EIInfUVa students, 2h are recognized for the Initiation Workshops and 3h for the Advanced Workshops within the framework of the Wednesday Talks.

The Java Initiation and Python Initiation workshops are specially designed for first-year students.

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