Talk About Gender Violence and Cyberviolence


Within the framework of the activities of the University of Valladolid in relation to the 25N day against gender violence, the School of Computer Engineering organizes the talk:

Gender Violence and Cyberviolence

Date: 24/11/2021
Schedule: 16:30 to 18:30

This activity takes place in a different schedule from the usual schedule of Wednesday Talks but the attendance of 2h in said program will be recognized through the usual system of assistance and upload of summary-assessment in:

The activity is fully face-to-face in the Assembly Hall of the School.
Free admission until full capacity is reached.


Dr. Mr Ángel García Collantes. Dean of the Professional Association of Criminologists of the Community of Madrid. Doctor of Laws, Degree in Criminology and Psychology. Master in Criminology and Juvenile Deficiency. Master in Criminal and Forensic Psychopathy. Master in Personality Profiling and Negotiation Director of the Chair of Behavior Analysis of the Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA). Director of the Master's Degree in Criminal Analysis and Investigation. Professor at the School of Specialization of Civil Guard-Judicial Police Area 18 years. Author of numerous articles and research books.

DRA. Doña María José Garrido Antón. PhD in Psychology. Captain of the Civil Guard and Expert in Criminology. He has worked on the clarification of more than 200 cases relating to crimes against persons. Highlights his experience in disciplines such as testimony and criminal profiling. He has the official title of Criminal Profiler and the master's degree in criminal behavior analysis. Professor of the Master's Degree in Criminal Analysis and Investigation.

Latest publications by the speakers:
Garcia-Collantes, A and Garrido, M.J. (2021). Gender Violence and Cyberviolence. Tirand Lo Blanch.
Garrido, M. J., Top, To., by Miguel, J. M., & Garcia-Collantes, A.. (2020). Violence in young couples: prevalence, victimization, perpetration and bidirectionality. Logos Science Magazine & Technology, 12(2): Doi:

The rise of new information and communication technologies has significantly revolutionized society. In this scenario, new criminal behaviors committed through the new ways in which a partner or ex-partner assaults women appear. (L.O. 1/2004). Some correspond to traditional crimes now committed through ICTs, threats become cyber threats, coercion in coercion….. but there are also new types such as the crime of sexting, sextortion or cyberstalking, that violate Fundamental Rights such as privacy, one's own image or honor and the use of new technologies is necessary for its perpetration. It wants to bring society closer and give visibility to gender cyberviolence by describing the worrying and criminal behaviors present in today's society, typifying the types in the Criminal Code, warning of risk factors that increase the possibility of new events and, training on what to do and what not to do when working directly or indirectly in this criminal typology.