Day of Associations and Talks of Student Associations, course 2021/2022


Last 14 October was celebrated the day of the Associations in the Building shared by the Schools of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications Engineers. Under the motto The University is much more! different student associations such as BEST met in the central hall of the building, Google Student Developer Club, the GUI, SUGUS, the Radio Club and the UVa sports service, that together gave color and animation to that morning.

From that day arose the proposal to make a day of talks of the Student Associations that was organized within the framework of the program of Wednesday Talks. From there, the 27 in October a session took place in which ADDE, University Alternative, AMUVA, BEST, the Student Delegation, the Google Student Developer Club, the GUI and SUGUS were in charge of speaking to the students both in person in the Assembly Hall and through an online connection by streaming. At the request of all the associations this day was recorded and a video was edited to share in this way.

Below we share a photo gallery of both events and a video of the talks of the student associations.