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“Quantum Computing. The challenges of quality assurance in Quantum Software”


Quantum computing is already a reality. There are already several companies such as Google or IBM that have announced that they have achieved the long-awaited ‘quantum supremacy’, namely, achieve solving an unsolvable problem with a quantum computer (or intractable in practice) with a classic computer. There are a large number of promising applications in the financial sector, logistics, medicine, energy, materials, among many others. However, these applications will not be achieved without software. This is why, the emerging discipline of Quantum Software Engineering is concerned with solving the challenges of designing, build and operate quantum software industrially while controlling and ensuring its quality. This presentation first introduces the basic concepts and fundamentals of quantum computing, as well as the need for Quantum Software Engineering as a discipline. Finally, This presentation will end up focusing on the main challenges for the quality assurance of quantum software and will show some preliminary solutions that have been proposed in recent years from the scientific community.


Ricardo Pérez del Castillo is a senior computer engineer and PhD in advanced computer technologies from the University of Castilla-La Mancha. He has collaborated with prestigious foreign universities and research centres such as the Universities of Innsbruck (Austria) and Bari (Italy) where it accumulates more than 24 months of research stays (pre- and post-doctoral); as well as in national universities such as the Complutense of Madrid and the University of La Laguna. Starting from 2014, leaves the UCLM and joins the industry working for itestra GmbH (Germany) and Deloitte (Spain), working on the reengineering of large banking and industrial systems. In addition, is certified as a CISA auditor by ISACA and is an Auditor of SPICE – ISO 33000 / ISO 12207 by AENOR. In November 2017 obtains a research contract from the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha for the return of talent. From 2019, is a professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Information Technologies of Talavera de la Reina for the implementation of the new degree in Computer Engineering, being currently a full professor and making compatible the management position of Vice Dean, and later as Academic Director of the Vice-Rectorate for Postgraduate and Continuing Education. From 2017 is a member of the scientific research team aQuantum where he researches on topics related to quantum software engineering, in particular in the migration of classical-quantum systems and the reengineering of quantum software. In this line of research they have several publications in indexed journals and have organized several international workshops and summer courses.

Day: 18 in October of 2021

Time: 18:00

Place: Online.

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