HPE CDS Presentation, Young Talent Program and Tech Challenge


On Monday 4 October to the 13:00 in the Assembly Hall Hewlett Packard Enterprise Group to be introduced, and CDS within that group, the HPE CDS Young Talent Program as well as the Tech Challenge in its first edition this year. As one of the two speakers we have a former student of our School, Jairus Luzon, CMS WorldWide Service Delivery Manager.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this face-to-face presentation, reserve your space in the schedule, and know first-hand what they are going to tell us. Remember that there is a limited capacity in the Hedy Lamarr. Entrance until full capacity.

Despite not developing on Wednesday, this activity will be considered as part of the Wednesday Talks program.

Attendance will be indicated using https://aulas.inf.uva.es/course/view.php?id-527. Through this same platform, the summary that acts as an evaluation mechanism of the activity will be collected..