Academic Graduation Ceremony Promotion 2021


Last Friday 17 september took place the Academic Act of Graduation of the Promotion 2021 of the different degrees of our School of Computer Engineering: Degree in Computer Engineering, Joint Program computer engineering and statistics (INDat), Master in Computer Engineering and Master in Business Intelligence and Big Data in Secure Environments.

The event was chaired by the Vice-Rector for Students and Employability of the University of Valladolid, Ms. Cristina de la Rosa and in it intervened both the Vice-Rector herself and the Director of the School, Mr. Manuel neighborhood, Mr. Julian Arroyo, Secretary of the Professional Association of Engineers en
Informatics of Castilla y León as well as the special guest as an alumnus of our School to teach the last lesson to graduates and masters, Mr. Alejandro Viloria Director of Digital Innovation at Ikergune.

The Academic Secretary of our School, Ms. Maria Aránzazu Simon, summoned each of the graduates and masters for the delivery of commemorative diplomas of graduation and the badges of the Professional College. On behalf of the Dean of the College, Mr. Julián Arroyo presented the special recognition to the Extraordinary End of Career Awards 2019-2020. Mr. Pablo Martínez intervened on behalf of the graduates and Ms.. Irene Salvador also said a few words when receiving the recognition for having obtained the Extraordinary End of Career Award of the promotion 2020 of the Master in Business Intelligence and Big Data in Secure Environments. Before the closure by Ms.. Rector, the godmother of the promotion Dª. Yania Crespo dedicated a few words to the graduates and their families.

To finish, the vocal group B-Tenors delighted the audience with a beautiful and emotional musical performance.

The photographer of the Grape made a photographic report of the Act that can be consulted in

Dear graduates and masters of the promotion 2021: as repeated several times in different ways in that act, this end is but the beginning of a long and sure fruitful stage of which we also want to be a part. Return to this your home whenever you want. You are always welcome. Our best wishes, a big hug.