Welcome ceremony for new students


Being the welcome act in the first week of the course, students with odd ID will be able to attend in person and students with even DNI will be connected online.

In this welcome ceremony we will be accompanied by the management team, your teachers, representatives of your future fellow students of our School, the Computer Technicians of the Center, the address of the Campus Library. All of them with a great will to give you a warm welcome, briefly explain some questions and answer your possible general doubts.

Act of reception to new students of the School:

will take place on Wednesday 15 in September of 2021

to the 12:00 in bimodal format

Face-to-face mode: in the Assembly Hall of the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid

Online mode: https://universidaddevalladolid.webex.com/universidaddevalladolid/j.php?MTID=m0856d4ea0214f90baf7ce0693e8b1c42

Password: gE56MMCxhK3 (if necessary)

Do not miss!