Important Information for New Students Course 2021/2022

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Bienvenid@s @EIInfUVa l@s nuev@s students just admitid@s to study with us Computer Engineering and the joint Program InDat (Ing. Computer science + Statistics)!

We are very content@s to already have vosotr@s as part of our School.

We want to tell you several very important points to start:

  1. Familiarity yourself with our website
  2. Join our RRSS: @SubdirAlumEIIVA, @EIInfUVa on twitter, on Telegram
  3. Check out the guides we've posted on the web:
  4. Sign up for the MentorInf
  5. If you need a laptop, we lend it to you:

But first things first, first, first is


Read the point well “0. The first: Enroll” of

and what was said:

Bienvenid@s @EIInfUVa!,

Bienvenid@ to the @ UVa_es!