Oferta de Becas para cursar el TFM en el Grupo Interuniversitario de Investigación en Tecnologías Cuánticas de Castilla y León

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The project “Q-CAYLE: Secure quantum communications in Castilla y León”, offers 8 becas de matrícula completa para cursar Máster en las Universidades de Castilla y León en el curso 2021-22.

It is a call that is also open to students of Computer Engineering who are going to study a Master's degree, among which can be either of the two Masters offered by the School.

An assessment of the student's CV will be made and there will be an interview phase. If selected, must work in the TFM under the direction of a tutor designated by the Q-CAYLE project on a topic in the field of Quantum Technologies that is related to the project.

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