Admission limit in elective course subjects 2021/22

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Admission to the 3rd and 4th grades of the Degree in Computer Engineering is limited for the course 2021/22, excluding the opt-outs necessary to earn the Degree degree.

  • The maximum number of enrollees is set at 48.
  • The mechanism for the choice of these electives will be in order to formalize registration.
  • The ratio of elective subjects with a tuition limit in 48 it's next:
    • Advanced computing architectures
    • Network and service architecture
    • Parallel computing
    • Descriptive statistics
    • Built-in hardware
    • statistical inference
    • Forensic Informatics
    • Operational research models
    • Regression and ANOVA
    • Computer performance and evaluation
    • Advanced integration systems
    • Information systems and organization management
    • Built-in systems
    • Mobile systems
    • Multimedia systems