Open Day at the School of Computer Engineering


On Monday 3 from May to the 20:00 visit us from This link and by clicking on the virtual classroom corresponding to our School.

We will briefly introduce you to our School and its studies and you will have at your disposal a panel of graduates from different courses with which you can talk about professional outings.

On the other hand, a group of current students from the School has prepared you a practical workshop who we invite you to sign up for. This workshop will be on Friday 7 from May to the 17:00 through Discord.

You will be able to interact with current students of the School in a more informal and relaxed environment, learn something in a practical way in the workshop and take advantage of the situation to ask them your doubts and talk to them more closely.

Workshop: Snake Game in your browser
Discord Channel to join the workshop:
Form to sign you up in the workshop:
You need to sign up to be able to know how many you are and gather enough the number of monitors in the workshop.
Sign up by Thursday 6.
Invite your amig@s.