Information Day on Mentions and Optativity


Are you a sophomore? Right now you're going to start reflecting on which Mention you'll choose to continue your studies in third grade.

although all roads lead to the Degree in Computer Engineering, it is important to decide being informed about profiles and professional outings for which you better prepare a certain mention, Itineraries (mandatory and optional), etc..

Attend the session, listen carefully to interventions and explanations, Question, don't be left with doubts.

This will be Wednesday 5 from May to the 12:00.

And from the 13:00, there will be several elective subjects, in a session that may be of interest to any student from second grade who is rating what electives the next course will be enrolled in.

The day will take place in bimodal. For those who are there that day in person in the school, we'll be in the general laboratory Professor Augustine of God. For those who are there that day Online, they will be able to connect through Webex using the link below: