School party 2021


It's not all work and study!

This Friday 5 and Saturday 6 March the School celebrates its festivities in this strange 2021.

How great our students who have prepared incredible activities!

And how great our alumni Five Flames Mobile sponsoring the Masters LoL tournament!

We invite everyone to participate!
Are you from the School?, From the UVa?, Do antigu@ alum @?

Anyone with an interest in Cybersecurity can participate in the Introduction to Cybersecurity organized by SUGUS (university cybersecurity group, School Student Association)

The UVaCoders School Student Association, organizes a Programming Contest. You're also invited.

The League of Legends tournament, organized by the Delegation of The Center and the University Computer Group (GUI), it's only for UVa students, and you can stay in the School channel in By the way, as you can see we premiere channel. Let's see how it's going!