UVa students can apply up to the UVa 4 March a mobility to study at another Spanish university next year


Of the 12 February to 4 March the deadline for applying for mobility of the SICUE Programme for the next academic year is open 2021/2022, for students from Spanish universities so that they can study at another university at a different national level than the one enrolled, with guarantees of academic recognition and exploitation, as well as adapting to your curriculum profile.

To access this program, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 30 credits and having exceeded 45 credits to 15 in October of 2020. Master's and doctoral students are excluded from the program.

The SICUE Programme is a system of exchange, not a scholarship, and during it, participants will be students from the home center (in your case of the UVa) for all purposes, so tuition fees will only be paid at the UVa, although academic rights and obligations will be those of the destination. The calls to which the student is entitled will be those of the destination university.

The rsolutions will be published before the 14 April of 2021. The University of Valladolid will be able to make a second call, in which interested persons will be offered vacancies after the first award.

You can't get more than one SICUE exchange at the same university, nor more than one in each academic year.