Celebrated on the 1stª Computing Olympiad of Castile and León


Saturday 30 in January of 2021 as planned, but in online mode due to the health situation, the 1st Computer Olympiad of Castile and León was held.
In Olympiad, organized by our School of Computer Engineering, finally participated 35 of the 46 enrolled students from all provinces of Castile and León.

Manuel Barrio Solórzano, Director of the School welcomed the contestants by highlighting the importance of programming and computer science and thanking them for their participation.

The Competition Management was exercised by María Luisa González, Diego Rodrigo and Javier Gatón.

The team of judges in charge of interviewing the top qualifiers in the automatic ranking and making the final decisions for the awards ceremony was formed by the Competition Directorate together with Valentín Cardeñoso, Diego Llanos, José Antonio Caminero and Amador Aparicio.

The programming competition was held without incident throughout 3 hours and until the end he was very close in his first positions.

The Vice-Chancellor of Students and Employability María Cristina de la Rosa Cubo presided over the award ceremony and closing.

  • Diego Rodrigo, on behalf of the Competition Directorate, handed over the Young Promise Award to Pablo Sáez Reyes of 4th ESO.
  • Manuel neighborhood, on behalf of the School of Computer Engineering, handed over the 3rd-ranked award to Clement Genninasca
  • Julian Arroyo, on behalf of the Professional College of Computer Science Engineers of Castilla y León, handed over the 2nd-ranked award to Nicolás López Corral
  • Maria Cristina de la Rosa, on behalf of the University of Valladolid, handed over the 1st-ranked and Olympic-winning award to Pablo Sáez Reyes

The winner qualifies directly for the Spanish Computer Olympiad. The team of judges decided that the second prize is also qualified to represent Castile and León at the National Olympics.

The Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the Rector congratulated all participants, especially the winners, and invited them when the situation allows him to visit our University and perform the act in person. The Vice-Chancellor had a few words of admiration for the programming knowledge demonstrated by such young children. In addition, emphasized the importance and need to add it to the set of Regional Olympics that have already been held in Castile and León.

Special mention and thanks were made to the team of coaches he has prepared since October in several sessions to many of the participants in the Olympics: Alejandro Anunciabay, Angel Moreno, Carlos Gomez, John Herruzo, Miguel Gómez and Miguel Sánchez.

Margarita Gonzalo and Yania Crespo were in charge of the.

On behalf of our School we thank the sponsors (Professional College of Computer Science Engineers and University of Valladolid), to the Competition Directorate, to the team of judges, coaches and especially participants for making an event like this possible.

Given the online celebration, we attach screenshots as a “photos” Welcome Session and Awards and Closing Awards.