The former student of the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid Ismael Pérez Martín has been awarded the 1st TFG award of the course 2018-2019 convened by Valladolid City Council


The resolution of the Valladolid City Council awards to TFGs and TFMs has been published: TABLON RESOLUCION PREMIOS TFG-TFM.pdf

These are the papers presented in the academic year 2017-2018 (deadline 1 July to 1 in September of 2019) Second procedure: Papers presented in the academic year 2018-2019 (deadline was to 1 to the 31 in October of 2019).

The former student of the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid Ismael Perez Martin has been a creditor of the 1er prize TFG of the course 2018-2019 because of its TFG “DEVELOPMENT OF AN EMERGENCY VEHICLE FLEET MANAGEMENT AND LOCATION-BASED DELIVERY SYSTEM"

The award-winning End-of-Grade Work consists of the development of a system with graphical interface to monitor in real time the situation of coverage areas of a city, and provide tools for fleet management, vehicles, beacons ( and links between them. This system is intended to be used by the management of a city council.

The fundamental purpose is to reduce pollution and excessive traffic that is created in many cities. This problem is motivated by the structure of the streets of many cities, like Valladolid, who have an old part that is not adapted or designed for this large influx of vehicles and/or because their parking areas are randomly placed in the city without assessing their effectiveness. This motivates the idea of creating this tool that allows you to efficiently manage all these vehicle parking areas.

This TFG develops an application that allows real-time visualization of the status of coverage areas and the number of vehicles that are using them along with the parked time of each vehicle.

In addition, a management subsystem is offered that provides the necessary tools to manage each of the elements involved in the system.

The main users of the developed application will be delivery vehicles and emergencies, which will be associated with a beacon that will contain all the relevant information to your parking lot. This beacon is responsible for issuing Bluetooth signals to inform you of your arrival in each of the coverage areas. In addition to being associated with a beacon, vehicles will be linked to a fleet that will provide information about their owner or manager.

Moreover, Low-energy Bluetooth signals are received through stations installed in each of the coverage areas or strategic points. Each season, using a Raspberry, when you receive Bluetooth low-energy signals, sends all relevant information to the server, keeping up-to-date information in real time.