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Date and time: 18 in November of 2020, 12h (Online)

Would you like to learn how to create a project from scratch with one of the most consolidated and used frameworks in the Front End world? In this hands-on workshop, we'll see what Vue js is, its main features and how to start a professional project from scratch. We will make a small application that will manage a list of tasks. The application will show the tasks that we are introducing. In addition, we'll have a button to mark a task as completed or turn it back on, which will be crossed out every time we finish it. We'll also create 3 Filters, one to show all the tasks, another to show only to-do tasks and another to show only completed tasks

Recognition 2 hours in the Wednesday Talks program

Due to the availability of the rapporteur, this workshop is held on Tuesday 15 in December of 12:00 to 14:00

For the recognition of 2 hours in Wednesday's talk show is necessary:

  • Register using email,
  • In the Registration Form field “Course” indicate the course and name of the School. Example “3º, UVa School of Computer Engineering”,
  • Let the organizers credit you with participation in the workshop,
  • Before the end of workshop day (15/12) upload a summary document (1 Page) of your participation in the workshop in the task enabled here. Describes the activity performed, what we learned and a brief assessment of the workshop.