A student of our School in team UVa winner of the second prize of the international phase of #Hack4Edu


A multidisciplinary team from the UVa participated in #Hack4Edu. The UVa participated as an ally of this event and proposed a challenge in which the UVa team worked on the hackathon. This challenge is briefly described as:

Challenge title: YoLoFácil-YouImportant
Description: COVID disease has helped the Society discover the enormous possibilities of technology in education. For example, thanks to technology this year teachers were able to stay in touch with their students even though no one could leave their home. However, on many occasions the teacher has to spend not little time helping his students on simple issues related to the use of technology, the organization of simple introductory classes or concepts of their subjects. These repetitive tasks take a lot of time away from the teacher and prevent him from fully dedicating himself to the explanation of his subject which is, definitely, the important thing. With this challenge it is proposed to obtain a software solution based on DeepLearning that will help students to solve their simple problems linked to a subject. Its use should be very intuitive and based on a Q&A dialogue using natural language.

The team made up of:

  • Rodrigo Martín Posada. Computer Engineering School of Valladolid (Degree in Computer Engineering)
  • Francisco Cardeñoso Pérez. Faculty of Sciences (Double Degree Physics+Mathematics)
  • Jorge Rodriguez. Faculty of Sciences (Double Degree Physics+Mathematics)
  • Pablo Raised Albillos. School of industrial engineering

solved the YoLoFácil-YouImportant challenge. In solo 3 days defined, developed and presented the solution you can see in this presentation video:


Congratulations! Great job!


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