Wednesday talk: Cloud Basics


Date and time: 18 in November of 2020, 12h
Place: General Laboratory 1L018 (Agustín de God) / online by WebEx:
or using meeting number: 121 717 3132
Password: BEiJJFpy368
Speakers: Antonio Roosting Bellido: Computer engineer with close proximity to 20 years of experience working as a certified Microsoft technology specialist for various global IT service consultants. It is currently part of the Azure Center of Excellence in Everis, specialized in cloud./em architectures>

Remember when they said "it's in the cloud" as a bad thing? ?
Do these acronyms Ring You, Paas, Baas, Saas ? What do they mean?How are they similar and different?
Take part in this talk and you'll find answers to these and other questions about the Cloud world.