Hour of Code 2020


In a different situation but with the same desire as ever, we've re-organized our particular Hour of Code event (HourOfCode).

The Wednesday 25 November of this year 2020.

As is traditional, introductory workshops are offered to programming languages, and intermediate and advanced workshops. This year we offer 6 initiation workshops and others 6 intermediate/advanced workshops in bimodal format.

There will be available 15 squares in each initiation workshop and 10 in each intermediate/advanced workshop, while some workshops will admit some more enrolled.

The event is divided into two parts:

  1. Initiation workshops to languages (offering several simultaneous workshops), starting at the 12:00 strict limit of completion 13:30, considering any possible delay during the workshop
    • Initiation is offered to: Java, Python, C, JavaScript/TypeScript, Kotlin, Julia.
  2. Intermediate/Advanced Workshops (several simultaneous workshops are offered), starting at the 13:30 and pausing to eat, resuming the activity to end the 16:00, although some will end up 17:00. These workshops are trying to make a first application in which a more complex development platform that integrates several languages needs to be used, libraries, frameworks.
    • It Offered: intermediate C, Advanced Python, web application development with Django (requires Python), Android mobile app development (requires Java/Kotlin), development of web applications with Angular (requires JavaScript/TypeScript), Recurring Neural Networks (requires Python).

This year the workshops will be held in the laboratories of the School of Computer Engineering for which they may be present at the School that day, and other participants will be able to connect to the workshop remotely.

To participate in person it is possible:

  • carry your own laptop and connect to the network cables found in the School's labs
  • use the computers of the School labs carrying their own keyboard and usb mouse
  • or use the computers in the School's laboratories, including the keyboard and mouse that are already connected to the computer.

All initiation workshops require participants to know how to program in at least one other programming language. No basic notions of programming are taught.


  • Can first-time students participate?
    The Java workshop we offer is well thought out for them. First-time students are supposed to already know basic programming elements. Workshop instructors are ready to work with knowledge of the level of programming they may have. If a first-class student is already very comfortable programming with Java, you can try python or C initiation.
    Everyone who values their chances, knowledge and starting skills.
  • Can participants from other UVa centers enroll and attend? And from outside the UVa?
    We are open to online participation both from other centers of the UVa and outside the University itself. It is necessary to indicate on the registration form that you will participate through the internet. In that case you must use your own computer with the appropriate tools following the installation instructions that we will indicate by mail. The internet connection must be appropriate to allow you to enter the workshop by videoconference.

Registrations are already open and will close on Sunday 22 November.

Registration management is done through http://eventos.uva.es/56333/programme/la-hora-del-codigo-2020.html

Some workshops are already filling up. Don't miss the opportunity to learn with a team of motiviate and close instructors with an eminently practical methodology.

This event is part of the Wednesday Talks program of the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid and accumulates hours in that program for the recognition of credits for other activities.