Wednesday talk: NFC in mobile technology


Date and time: 11 in November of 2020, 12h
Place: General Laboratory 1L018 (Agustín de God) / online by Webex
Speakers: Gonzalo González Diez, Tech & Team Manager at Izertis and José Antonio Barros Ramos, Android Senior Specialist at Izertis

Identification via chips, purchases using the card over the phone, controlled access through cards. NFC on physical media is more than a fact.
But all this is already part of the past, right now it's the mobile device that's responsible for identifying the user, making your payments and controlling your access to third-party infrastructure using NFC technology.
But, What types of NFC are there?, In what cases can it be used?, How can it be implemented?, Which operating systems support it? and what devices does it work on?
In this talk we will give answers to all these questions.