Call for Elections to Delegates course 2020-2021

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Attached is the call for elections to delegates on behalf of the Director of the School.

Adjusting to the reality of bimodal teaching in rotary mode two: even and odd weeks, our calendar should be extended in two weeks to allow both students attending school to vote in even weeks and those who attend in odd weeks.

Because of this, a two-part voting procedure has been established with sealing and custody of ballot boxes. Counting will take place in the second week of voting.

Information about the elections will be published on the School's website, on the center's bulletin board and will be sent over telegram's broadcast channel, as well as by email.

It is not possible to publish the censuses open due to the General Data Protection Regulation so they are left in Concierge in case anyone has any doubts you can consult. The listings have been obtained from the Negotiated according to the registration data, always taking into account that a student is listed in the highest course in which they are enrolled.

Read the call carefully, look at the dates and times when it's your turn to vote.

We also attach information on the role of delegates, and on the current regulations that have simply been adapted to these circumstances.

Fragment of school regulations
Article 53.
Group Representatives.

  1. Students will choose two representatives for each of the class groups from the students enrolled two in the same. The election of these representatives must be made before the first two months of each academic year and will be convened by the Director.
  2. The specific functions of the representatives of each of the class groups are as follows:
    • Coordinate the communication processes between the teacher and the students of the group that accompany the normal performance of the ordinary teaching activity.
    • Act as a direct interlocutor of the teacher of the group for the purpose of organizing how many activities complement or accompany the teaching of the subjects that said teacher teaches in that group.
    • Seek coordination and collaboration with other group representatives and other student representation bodies, and provide at all times the right channels of dialogue to help achieve an adequate level of information and student participation in all aspects of academic life.

Carte Election Delegates