Important information: Course start 20/21


Start a new course in a different situation than usual. We are engaged in the particularities derived from the Covid19 pandemic affecting us since the beginning of this year 2020 affect us as little as possible, but it certainly puts us to the test.

At the end of this page is a document explaining the academic organization of the course 2020-2021 and an information document on hygienic-health and space-occupying measures at the School of Computer Engineering. The document that is attached first refers to the general regulations of the University of Valladolid and in no case replaces these guidelines but complements them with the particularities of our center and the building in which it is located.

We recall that the Rector of the University of Valladolid has appealed to the co-responsibility of all members of the university community as the only way to really be able to address the enormous task ahead of us to start an academic year with the greatest possible presence in the midst of a pandemic.

We want to convey to all members of the School of Computer Engineering our best wishes for this course that will begin. We can all successfully get us out of the unprecedented challenge we face.