Welcome act to the new students of the School, course 20/21


We are all aware of the particularities of this course derived from the Covid19 pandemic. We must have a special sensitivity to the situation we face. We are engaged in trying to make it affect us as little as possible, but it certainly puts us to the test.

Due to the rules of safe presence it is not possible for us to receive personally all new students at once at a school location. Adapting to the times ahead, an event of welcome has been prepared for new students that will take place online. We'll be joined by the management team, first-year teachers, Computer technicians and representatives of the title committees, students of our School and its different associations as well as the management of the Campus Library. All of them with the desire to give a warm welcome to the new students and briefly explain some issues as well as to attend to the possible general doubts that arise.

It will take place on Wednesday 23 in September of 2020

to the 12:00

in the living room: https://universidaddevalladolid.webex.com/universidaddevalladolid/j.php?MTID=m1dad7e347b0587e784c7e8ff149c3523

meeting number: 121 590 1046

Password mailed