Victor Cowboy, student of INdat, wins the Hackathon Covidien-19

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Victor Cowboy Martinez, dual-grade student in Computer Science and Statistics (INdat), and his brother Pablo lead together with a multidisciplinary team on Galena Databook project, whose goal is to create a large database available to all health workers.

Galena Databook is the platform name that allows all clinical variables to be grouped anonymously from patients with Covid-19, with the aim of creating a homogeneous database that can be shared and available to all health workers worldwide. It is the project with which Victor has won the award of the Mareme Santiario Consortium (Barcelona) at The Hackathon Covidien-19, together with a multidisciplinary team.

This project is inspired by Victor's End of Grade Work, developing at the School of Computer Engineering and allowing you to participate in the Mentor program and be accompanied by a group of experts until the product is placed on the market.

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