Hour of Code 2019


The Hour of Code Is Coming!

This year we celebrate the sixth edition of this event that is already a tradition in our School. An out-of-classroom learning experience on programming languages and platforms/libraries/frameworks for software development. It's a programming-focused event, Close, informal, case-based learning-oriented. Each initiation workshop to a programming language, or the advanced, driven by the development of one or more case studies under the slogan “program your first application in ...”.

This event is held thanks to volunteers who will be the instructors of the workshops and / or participate in your organization. Mainly, although not necessarily, linked to the GUI or UVaCoders, with the collaboration of professors from the Department of Computer Science.

Write the date on your calendar: Wednesday 27 November

We've designed a very interesting offer:

Initiation WorkshopsAdvanced Workshops
JavaProgramming mobile apps for Android
JavaScript/TypeScriptDeveloping web applications with Angular
LUAVideo game development with Love2D
PythonDjango-based development for Python
Developing Twitter Bots with Python
Machine Learning with Tensorflow

The initiation workshops Start, in parallel, to the 12:00 and they will end up 13:45.

The advanced workshops Start, in parallel, to the 14:00 and they will end up 17:00 doing a pause to eat among the 15:00 and the 16:00. Make the most of your time and eat in the school cafeteria.

The event will be held in the room Hedy Lamarr and need to bring laptop. We will guarantee the strips and network connections.

How to participate in The Hour of Code? It is essential to register. Workshops have a maximum quota and registrations automatically close when the quota is reached. The inscriptions are will open on Friday 8 November at 14:00 And it's will close on Friday 22 November at 23:59. Workshops that are filled will no longer accept registrations. Are you interested in any? Don't think about it anymore, join The Hour of Code in http://eventos.uva.es/go/HourOfCode2019InfUVa and book your place!

Students of the School of Computer Engineering who participate will have a recognition of hours within the framework of the The Wednesday talks. The event is open to the participation of students from both other Schools or Faculties, as vocational training and baccalaureate, but not just students, anyone with an interest in taking advantage of these workshops can participate. The only requirement is to know how to program. This is very important to clarify. To take advantage of these workshops you have to have programming notions. It is not taught to program as an initiation because in that case it would be impossible to make an introduction to the programming languages at the indicated time.

Advanced workshops require knowing how to program in the programming language used in the workshop or having attended initiation.