Call of 4 scholarships for the TFG in the framework of a European project


Scholarships called are the following:

Scholarship 1: Protocols and infrastructure for configuration management and continuous integration for the development of IAMs by geographically distributed teams
Scholarship 2: Optimized translation of Vensim code to Python code
Scholarship 3: A Python microservices architecture for IAMs simulation software: orchestration vs service choreography
Scholarship 4: Development of a front end as a game for mobile platforms with a dynamic systems simulator as a back end


  1. Call for scholarships and description of the tasks to be carried out.
  2. Bases of the call
  3. In documents are available to apply for the scholarship.
  4. Acceptance of the scholarship implies a declaration of not being a beneficiary of other aid that may be incompatible.

The call will be open during 10 days from the 4 October.
It will be resolved before the 21 October.
The activity of the selected will begin on 1 November.

THE TFGs will be conducted under the direction of Professors Yania Crespo and David Escudero.