Alamo Consulting Talk: 'Cómo evolucionar de una startup al FT1000-Top100 con proyectos, real architectures and solutions to complex problems: two case studies'


Date and time: 2 in October of 2019, 12h
Place: Graduate Hall E.I. Computer science
Speaker: Ana Maria Coca – Director and Partner of AlamoConsulting.

Ana Coca Castrillo, Senior Telecommunications Engineer from the School of Valladolid (1998), has developed his entire professional career in Consulting with the same group of professionals, first at Europa Management Consulting, then at Atos Origin and finally as co-founder and partner of Alamo Consulting. He has worked in multiple sectors (banking, Insurance, Media, Industry, public administrations) and in a wide range of functional and technological fields (software development, technological architectures, Data Warehouse-Business Intelligence Environments -Big Data, training programs, customer strategy...). He currently leads the area of innovation at AlamoConsulting, managing different work teams and actively participating in the design of full-cycle solutions to respond to the real needs of our customers. And proud to be from the UVA and Valladolid.

Video of the talk:
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