DEVO Talk: 'Tecnología de última generación hecha en España, It's possible, we tell you how!'


Date and time: 25 in September of 2019, 12h
Place: Graduate Hall E.I. Computer science

  • Sergio Bellido – VP Product
    Sergio accumulates an experience of 20 years in the world of Information Technology. He developed his career, first instance at Bankinter for more than a decade, Architecture and Software Innovation positions collaborating in the transition to the digital world of this entity, this being one of the first, at the global level, to adopt The Internet and Mobility for the Development of Their Business. He later joined Sage, multinational specialist in Management Software, Product Management positions first locally and then internationally developing the Cloud proposal for start-ups and small businesses. Sergio is currently product manager at Devo, collaborating to develop the Company and one of the most advanced Big Data platforms in the Market. Sergio holds a degree in Mathematics from the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Daniel Garcia – Co-founder and Technical Team Lead
    Former schoolpupil, Senior Computer Engineer (2002-2008). He went to Madrid with the hatillo after finishing the race and after 2 o 3 years working in traditional companies fell in the world. First it started with BlueSOC. After the failure came Logtrust, together with the BlueSOC team, in 2011. He participated in its founding and since then they have passed 8 years and a half, 180 more people in the company who is already a multinational renamed Devo with a lot of tour ahead.
    Try to combine programming with managing development teams (this would give for another talk).

Video of the talk:
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