First National Interuniversity League of Challenges in Cyberspace


It will be held at the School of Computer Engineering on 15 in October of 2019. Registration is required

The Civil Guard, in the area of holding the 175 anniversary of its founding, has been set out to offer the opportunity to our youth, at university education levels and higher-grade modules, to compete in the I National League of Challenges in Cyberspace (National Cyber League).

This is a holistic proposal, that aims to set up university multidisciplinary teams that compete in solving a real challenge, protection of a productive structure, both technical capabilities and legal competences, economic and crisis communication, just like it happens in the real world by connecting like this, as set out in the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2019, State Administration, University and the business fabric, in a set of activities that will serve for society to, as a whole, participate in improving your Cybersecurity.

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