Job offer for development of climate change scenarios WEB Viewer

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The International Foundation and for Ibero-America public policy and administration, F.S.P. you are looking for a graduate in computer engineering with experience in the development of projects in the LINUX operating system, WEB development and data visualization.

The tasks to be developed would be:

  • Development of a prototype of dynamic WEB-GIS for handling the information of climate scenarios, regionalized for Central America.
  • Elaboration, in HTML5, a template of generic WEB-GIS for representation and manipulation of data referenced in Central America.
  • Provide that flexibility in terms of number template, appearance and interactivity of different command panels and views of the WEB-GIS.
  • Design responsive of the template for proper use in the different browser clients (PC desktop, Tablet, Smartphone) needs collected from the users of Central America.
  • Prepare relevant documentation for the WEB-GIS management adapted to the users Central American.
  • Coordinate with the delegation of AEMET and the technical team of EUROCLIMA + / FIIAPP for the development of activities. The activities carried out by the consultant will be monitored periodically by AEMET (territorial delegation of Castilla y León, in Valladolid).

The deadline for receipt of applications is up to the 17 in June of 2019 to the 23.59, time CET
Send candidacy according to the terms of reference form to
All the information here: No. 0310-en-19.
Announcement on social networks: to the project. The selection phase will take place in the 24 to the