II edition of the program Spaniards and Silicon Valley


It is a program of training and mentoring that seeks to give the opportunity to young Spanish students have experience of practice in large technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others in the heart of the technological development: Silicon Valley.

The mentoring is intended to prepare these students for a process of 6 weeks so cope positively with access tests imposed by these companies for practices jobs seekers.

The only requirement to be part of this program is to have programming knowledge (There is a placement test), have a level of sufficient English to work in this language and be pursuing a college degree. The student will return to University after the internship, so your year of graduation should be back to 2020.

The process of selection of candidates opens the next 1 may and will be until the day 31 in the same month, for what students interested have free resources available on our website to start preparing the level test. If students are selected to be part of the program, Once you have been successfully passed., the mentor shall refer to the company the curriculum vitae of the candidate and report positively on their qualities, so there is a very high probability that they have an interview for a range of practices.

All this would be free for the student.

More information on www.spaniardstosv.org

Official website: www.spaniardstosv.org

Animated video explaining:

In addition, the technology the country interviewed the founder of the program, Lola Priego last year. https://elpais.com/tecnologia/2018/02/21/actualidad/1519202484_410254.html