Meeting of the Group of game design in Valladolid


Would you like to try out prototypes of games in the process of design?
You are designing your own game or table game and want to put it to the test? You can do it with us!

What are we going to do

17:30 – Introduction to new gamers and designers.
18:00 – We will present the prototypes, and we will divide us into groups to play them.
20:15 – End of test. We will discuss what changes could improve each game, with a dual purpose: help their creators and train our design muscles.
21:00 – End of the event.

Who can come

Designers who want to present a prototype to the group or help with their views, and any gamer who are interested in testing our creations before anyone else. Do not forget to sign up on the website of the event and tell us in a comment if you bring some prototype.

What should I bring

If you come to play, Nothing in particular. If you want to submit a prototype, brings everything you need to play it, the platform included (PC, Mobile, Tablet, etc.) whether it's a video game.