Hackathon ALTENhack postponed


The hackathon has been postponed

In its commitment to the search for young and innovative talent, OLD for the first time organized a hackathon, in collaboration with the University of Valladolid. ALTENhack will be held the next day 26 and 27 April, School of computer engineering at the University of Valladolid. During 24 uninterrupted hours, participants will have to put a technological challenge solution.

Divided into teams of 4 from 5 participants, each group will develop a project based on one of the following technologies: Chatbots, Blockchain, IoT and Testing, You must respond to the challenge initially. These challenges also have a sports component since Adidas It is one of the partners of the event. The surprise factor is one of the ingredients of this competition, Since participants will not discover what are these challenges until minutes before your start. However, they will receive training lectures to prepare them on the challenge they choose, and we provide the necessary infrastructure to develop the solution (Networking hyperlayer, connectors IoT, Intelligent speakers, frameworks of work, among others…)

Students, graduates of vocational training or college, with a maximum of two years of experience since the end of their studies, and with expertise in programming language (Java, JavaScript, Phyton…) they will be eligible to participate in ALTENhack. Entries may be made to the 16 April, the microsite that ALTEN has enabled for this, and collecting information of the event: www.altenhack.es

Passionate about technology and the sport they may delve into this fast-paced adventure, to them will speed up their professional development, In addition to win important prizes.

The opening ceremony will feature the participation of José Gómez, HRBP Director for Southern Europe at ALTEN, and Benjamin Sahelices Fernández, Director of the school of computer engineering at the University of Valladolid, He will attend the media offering them all the details of the event. We will see!





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The range of services of ALTEN is based on a fundamental concept: its ability to meet operational needs through the most suitable technology for each case, from initial conceptualization to implementation or final maintenance.

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