1st Conference for work purpose of grades (TFG) and Master thesis (TFM)


Undergraduate and postgraduate studies adapted to the European higher education area (EHEA) they have introduced the work of end of degree subjects (TFG) and Master thesis (TFM). These subjects have a very different character to the rest of the subjects of the curriculum, since students must develop an original and unpublished work under the supervision of a tutor. A GFR/TFM includes technical knowledge of various subjects and requires the application of cross-disciplinary skills such as oral and written expression. In order to improve the mentoring and development of GFR/TFM in the qualifications related to the Telecommunication Engineering in the University of Valladolid (UVa), Teaching innovation project is developing (PID) “New proposals in the tutoring of work end-of-grade and end of Master work with the support of virtual collaborative learning environments”.

Among the activities proposed in the framework of this PID, the next 21 March will be the “1st Conference for work purpose of grades (TFG) and Master thesis (TFM). Effective use of ICT tools” on the building of information technology and telecommunications (Salón de Grados and room Hedy Lamarr). All the information related to this day, including the program of the same, are available in:


We believe that the programme of activities has been designed for this can be interesting for all students and tutors of TFG/TFM of the degrees that are taught in the building of information technology and the telecommunications is for this reason that we would like to invite students and guardians of TFG/TFM to participate in the proposed activities. These activities include two workshops on academic writing and effective presentations dedicated to students. The day also includes a guest presentation in charge of Professor Alfredo Corell Almuzara and a round table in which teachers of different degrees of grape will be us that tools are useful in the tutoring of TFG/TFM and a student will tell us their experience.