Madison talk: 'Tecnología de última generación para enamorar a las personas'


Date and time: 20 March of 2019, 13h
Place: Graduate Hall E.I. Computer science
Speakers: Diego Gomez country (Q.A Manager. of Market Research), Miguel the Río Cristobal (Data the Data Scientist competence center scientist) and Marta Garcia and Irene Hernandez (Human resources and corporate communication )

  • Diego Gomez country: Q.A Manager. of Market Research "Diego Gomez country, It is a technical telecommunications engineer from Universidad de Valladolid. He has developed his career in the field of the quality assurance (QA), in software projects. What began as something casual to doing testing has finished his professional passion seeing the wide range of activities that can be included within the QA. After years of experience in various companies such as Thomson Reuters (4), GFI or Telefónica I + d (8) In addition to other, currently the head of the Group of QA and Delivery tasks Madison within the EMF Area."
  • Miguel the Río Cristobal: Data the Data Scientist competence center scientist. "Miguel of the Río Cristobal, He studied mathematics at the UVa, his professional interest focuses on mathematical models that explain the behavior of our society. He started his experience in the CARTIF Research Centre and for more than one year form part of the team of Madison MK, where it performs the functions of scientific data."

Video of the talk:
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