Challenge4Cities - Hackathon


Minsait has organized a Data Challenge on IoT and Big Data that will provide with interesting prizes for the winners (10.000€ in prizes).

What is it?
It consists of solving a challenge of IoT and Big Data making use of platform onesait (of Indra-Minsait: Will make available two identical platforms but with different data sets, from the city of Antwerp and the city of Helsinki (What are the cities where we are carrying out the project).

To be selected 3 winners for each city with prizes of € 3,000, 1.500€ and €500. In the contest there is a fairly comprehensive rubric of how to evaluate the projects. All information is on this site:

And when it will be?
Applicants must be registered before the 18 of March on the previous website and give an overview of your idea. The 20 March will be communicated to those who have been selected to develop your solution (10 by city). Once selected, they will be up to the 29 March to develop. The presentation and the announcement of the winners will be in Helsinki the 2 April and in Antwerp the 4 April (You can do the online presentation).