FiBest employment forum 2019


The 20th anniversary of the employment FiBEST Forum will take place this 20 March in the parking lot of the IBD industrial of the walk the runway.

An employment forum is a place where students can easily meet with human resources of various companies. Since the Association BEST Valladolid is to provide this URL so that year after year, up to the twentieth Edition, We have consolidated the Forum of largest employment of Castilla y León with the help and collaboration of the University of Valladolid.

With this you can get practice, employment and to 1 ECTS, Thanks to the assistance to the tent of the day 20 March, the activities of that day and the previous Forum called preFiBEST.

The preFiBEST are free and interactive workshops from the Association BEST Valladolid we organize so that prior to the employment FiBEST Forum may obtain knowledge that you may be useful in securing employment or practices. This 2019 they are three:

  • Discover your talent and directs your career * on Tuesday 12 March of 16:00h to 17:30h in the classrooms between economic and industrial seminar taught by Mireia Martín de Roleadvisor.
  • The EURES network and the search for employment in Europe. On Wednesday 13 March of 13:00h to 14:00h in the classroom 1L 018 of teleco/computer science given by Rafael Pérez García.
  • Empathic Personal communication. On Monday 18 March of 16:00h to 19:00h in the classroom 43 of indUVa given by Pablo Villanueva Alonso Eclosing Coaching.

As I mentioned before, the day of the Forum there will be activities with the participating companies to the same. Information from these activities is on our web page in the part of activities:

To register for activities, you have to upload your CV to our website or fill in the from of the paragraph preFiBEST.
For the obtaining of 1 ECTS is necessary to attend to 4 activities at least one of them being a preFiBEST. You can get 0 ’ 5 ECTS are attending to 2 regardless of which are.

*To register for this preFiBEST it is essential to fill this test code FIBEST2019.