Talk about data quality

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In the framework of the Master of computer engineering in the subject quality, Security and auditing will be held a talk invited upon “Quality of data” given by Dr. Ismael Caballero

Currently data have become an essential importance in organizations that are digitally transforming and turning it into data centric to offer a service of excellence to all its stakeholders and make the best decisions.

The technological advances that we are living in the last few years, you allow us to collect and store huge amounts of data (through mobile devices, sensors, Internet of Things, big data, etc.), treat them using various advanced analytical algorithms (machine learning, business intelligence, etc.) , and have a virtually unlimited amount of processing (in the form of service, using the cloud computing), the data have become the "new oil of the 21st century".

But for which the data are the most important asset of the organizations, You must have the right "quality"; Since the results of any algorithm and any decision taken, It will not be better than the data upon which it is based.

Ismael Caballero is co-author of the book “Quality of data” recently published by RA-MA Editorial this year 2018, a book that is a pioneer at the international level, because it is a guide to ensure that organizations can achieve smart data as main asset and achieve its objectives already both business and public service.

The talk will take place from 16:00 to 20:00, with a mid-term break of 15 minutes, next Friday 14 December in the classroom 101 school.

Ismael Caballero

It is doctor engineer in computer science from the University of Castilla - La Mancha. He has been Secretary technical of the Center joint r & d Indra - UCLM, participating in numerous r & d projects. Recognized by AENOR as national expert, works from 2010 in the ISO TC184/SC4/WG13 for the development of ISO 8000, participating as project leader in ISO parts 8000-62 e ISO 8000-65, and as editor project at the ISO parts 8000-3, ISO 8000-60, ISO 8000-61, e ISO 8000-63- Contracted Doctor at the Superior School of computer science of the University of Castilla - La Mancha (UCLM), and member of the Group research Alarcos, specializing in quality of information systems. He has participated in numerous r & d projects and has published in numerous national and international forums. He has been the Principal investigator of the national networks of DQNet and IQMNet research. Responsable de Formación en DQTeam SL