Visit Codex Software


As part of the activities of the Master in computer engineering, within the framework of the subject “QUALITY, AUDIT AND PROCESS SAFETY, SERVICES, RESOURCES AND SOFTWARE PRODUCTS” We have organized a visit to Códice Software in the Boecillo technological park

Pablo Santos Founder, President and CTO of Codex Software we receive and will visit with the following Agenda:

  • CMMI certification level 2 obtained by Codex Software: the process, lessons learned, renewal or non-renewal: reasons, pros and cons.
  • Evaluation of other options of certification or quality assessment: pros and cons.
  • Good practices and characteristics of quality in the process of development in Codex Software and its products (Plastic SCM and Plastic Gluon) regardless of external accreditation/assessment. Reasons.

The visit will take place the Monday 26 November to the 16:00.

We will go on our own and we will find in the technological park, in the entrance of the Codex Software installations. Of course we can help attendees to rationalize travel.

The first will be accepted 10 interested (Apart from students enrolled in the Master course) they are students of the last three mentions of the degree of computer engineering courses, including the double degree or own master in computer engineering.

If you find it interesting to visit it but you can not go, Please also answer the form because we want to know the attractions of this type of organized activities. If not you think interesting, We also want to know your opinion.

Deadline to register: This form will be active until the Thursday 22 to the 14:00 or until the positions offered are covered.

Dr. Yania Crespo
Department. Computer science
University of Valladolid