CyLicon Valley talk: 'Lo que los profesores y las empresas no quieren que sepas'


Date and time: 31 in October of 2018, 12h
Place: Graduate Hall E.I. Computer science
Speakers: Javier Gamarra and Juan Ignacio Sánchez

Javier Gamarra
Headless Lead (Movil+APIs) on Liferay and with experience in many environments: JS (angular, node...), Java EE, Scala... I love the challenges and learn about anything. Estoy disponible con el nick @nhpatt en todas las redes sociales. I organize events in my free time.

Juan Ignacio Sánchez
Computer engineer (Systems + Top). Working from 2002 in different companies, from consulting (Thales, Looks IT…) or public administration (ITACyL, Department of agriculture) product in startup (CARTO), passing through freelancing. I have experience in technologies like Java, Ruby, Scala, PostgreSQL... and released from developer to tech lead. Disponible como @juanignaciosl en Twitter.

Video of the talk
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