Project INTELed: training of teachers in the use of kinect cameras to promote inclusive education


“Support to teachers in the use of multi-sensory and interactive techniques to cater to the needs of students with specific needs of educational support”

The INTELed project aims to educate teachers of different educational levels in the use of strategies of intervention using coroporal interaction tools (Kinect, Wii...) to support learning and assessment in inclusive education environments.

INTELed is based on previous research, that you have shown some benefits from the use of kinesthetic learning techniques, supported by Kinect cameras, in children with motor disabilities, Autism, TDH, or learning difficulties. The objective of the project is to train teachers to deepen these experiences and extend the benefits of learning multi-seonsorial to inclusive educational settings.

The INTELed Consortium is composed by four partners (Cyprus University of Technology, represented by the Social Computing Research Center, University of Piraeus Research Center, CESIE and the University of Valladolid) in order to facilitate research between teachers of special education, trainers of teachers, experts in educational technology, and researchers in education in four countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain). Alejandra Martinez Monés, Professor of the school of computer engineering, He is the Coordinator of the project in the UVa.

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