CyberCamp hackathon 2018


Registration is now open to participate in the Hackathon CyberCamp 2018, which will be held in Malaga on Thursday 29 November-Saturday 1 of December, with awards the 2 of December.

As in the last edition, In addition to the technological prizes for the winners, INCIBE will facilitate travel and accommodation all participants selected to compete at the Hackathon, According to the conditions that shall be regulated in the rules of participation.

Proposals allowed both projects that depart from scratch as existing projects you wish to supplement or improve. In addition, as a new, This year's Edition has a group of Telegram in which any member of the cybersecurity community can suggest ideas about projects that are of interest, solve needs, and can be addressed as the Hackathon project.

We'd love you will bother to participate and enjoy the atmosphere of the competition, so we invite you to check the details on the official website of the competition to submit your proposals before the 5 in November of 2018 to the 21:59 CET, closing date for registration (best without waiting for last minute!).

If you want it, You can freely disseminate this information among those contacts that you consider may be interested in the competition.