European Data Incubator


Has been called the first European Data Incubator. A program of incubation for startups in which teams seek solutions to some of the proposed Big Data challenges.

The web is but for detailed info about how it works, best

The challenges are on the web, in particular , and they have to do with Smart Cities, Energy & Environment, Internet & Media, Industry 4.0 and Retail.

This incubator is developed in three phases:

  1. Phase scan: are chosen 45 initiatives. They receive funding from 5.000 EUR.
  2. Phase EXPERIMENT: they are selected 16 initiatives that will develop a business plan and apply agile methodologies to verify the solution. The funding is for 80.000 EUR.
  3. EVOLVE phase: the six best initiatives are chosen. At this stage investment opportunities will be searched in the projects. The funding is for 15.000 EUR.

Therefore, You can get to earn up to 100.000 EUR.

The term has just the 27 June.