Copernicus Incubation Programme


Copernicus Incubation Programme It is a program that supports with up to 50.000 euros to 20 European startups each year, having each one of those start-ups that co-finance at least the 15% the total costs of the project.

What is Copernicus?

It is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European space agency that provides data ready for use and information services for free on numerous areas of application, Thanks to a variety of technologies, It range from satellites in space to land measurement systems, Sea and air.

The large data produced by the observation of the Earth have an enormous potential for the creation of innovative products and services. Applications have value in the industry 4.0, Mobile and digital, protection of the environment, management of urban areas, regional and local planning, Agriculture, forestry, fishing, Bless you, transport, climate change, sustainable development, civil protection, tourism and others.

What are the objectives of the programme Copernicus Incubation Programme?

  1. Promote the use of data for Copernicus or products derived from the services of Copernicus by current or future companies.
  2. Support for innovative and promising from the point of view of commercial enterprise applications, they are based on the data and services of Copernicus in Europe.

It is aimed both at teams of entrepreneurs (with at least two complementary profiles) as a legally constituted start-up, that you want to use the data provided free of charge through Copernicus to create innovative products and services.

There are several rounds annually. For this year, There are two rounds, ending the 17 August and the 16 November.

More information, on the website of the program and other relevant information in